The Funding Process

We at Sandstorm are deeply committed to Neos. Together with the Neos Team we have created a process which allows everyone to support the Neos project, by buying Neos supporter badges from Sandstorm.

Our Promise

While Sandstorm sells the Neos supporter badges and thus receives the revenues, we promise that every Euro earned will be used to support the Neos project.

We will not influence how this money is spent in any way. The Neos team has full control over how the available money is spent, based on the "Request for Funds" process described on Discourse.

We will make all revenues and expenses transparent. 

Sandstorm's Role

We at Sandstorm want to support the Neos project as best as we can. One way we do this is by funding activities of the project. To help the community concentrate this process, we are selling Neos supporter badges and commit to use the collected money solely for the Neos project.

The Process

If you want to support the Neos project financially, which we greatly appreciate and encourage, you can purchase a Neos supporter badge from us. A Neos supporter badge is a custom made image which confirms your support of the Neos project. As this is a service provided by Sandstorm, the payment process is handled by us (and our payment service providers Taxamo and Braintree), you will be invoiced by Sandstorm and receive your badge from Sandstorm. 

Our goal is to enable every person and every business to support the Neos project by purchasing a Neos supporter badge. We start by offering a 3-months subscription for a badge. You decide which level of support - bronze, silver or gold - you want to provide and purchase the corresponding badge subscription. The subscription is only available in 3-months intervals at the beginning.

To calculate the correct value added tax (VAT) for your purchase, the first step is to identify if you are a company (with a VAT-ID) or an individual or association (without a VAT-ID). This verification is done by Taxamo. You can then specify the text to appear on your Neos badge when you enter your address details in the purchase process. Note that you should only specify your individual or company name. You are required to comply with the badge policy

In the second step you provide your credit card information as payment method. This information is handled directly by Braintree and we at Sandstorm do not receive your credit card details.

You can review your entered information in the third step. After accepting the Badge License Agreement you can complete your purchase.

After Braintree confirms that your credit card could be charged with the due amount, your badge is generated. We will send the badge to the email address you provided in the payment process. Attached to the email will also be your invoice. 

In the future

We want to extend the available support options in the future:

  • different payment intervals (3, 6 and 12 months)