Funding FAQ

This page explains the details of the funding process with which we support the Neos project.

If you want to learn how the Neos project decides to spend money, head over to the Funding Page on Discourse!

I want to help the Neos project. What can I do?

Have a look at the Neos website for the best way you can contribute. 

If you want to support the project financially, you are at the right place. Read on! :)

Why can't I donate directly to the Neos project?

Although the Neos Project has founded its own legal entity, the Neos Foundation CIC, that legal entity did not set up their own funding platform yet. Thus it is not possible to directly donate to the Neos project. In the meantime it is recommended to continue to purchase Neos Supporter Badges from Sandstorm.

Why should I buy a "Neos Supporter Badge" from Sandstorm Media GmbH?

We at Sandstorm want to support the Neos project as best as we can, including financially. We have therefore agreed with the Neos team to sell Neos supporter badges and use all revenues to support the Neos project.

Buying a Neos supporter badge from us is the easiest way to support the Neos project financially.

Why do I get an invoice from "Sandstorm Media GmbH" when I buy a Neos supporter badge?

Sandstorm Media GmbH is the company selling the Neos supporter badges. We are based in Dresden, Germany and active supporters of Neos since its beginning.

Do I need to pay value added tax (VAT)?

This depends on whether you are a company or a private person and where you reside. In addition to/or instead of the German VAT your local VAT may apply. Check with your tax accountant and/or lawyer if you are unsure.

Check in the table below which VAT will appear on your invoice:

GermanyEU none EU
Company (with VAT ID)German VATno German VAT no German VAT
Individual (no VAT ID)German VATVAT in country of residence no German VAT

The table above provides indicative information. We do not claim that they are complete or correct. 

Is this a donation?

No. Sandstorm Media GmbH is not an association and you do not “donate” anything to us. You will get an invoice from us and if you are a company you are purchasing a marketing service and may be able to claim the VAT (if included on the invoice).

What fees apply when I purchase a Neos supporter badge?

We use Taxamo and Braintree as payment providers. They have the following fees:

  • Braintree (used for credit card handling) charges: nothing for the first 50 000 €, afterwards 2,9% + 0,30€ per transaction
  • Taxamo (VAT and invoice handling) charges: 0,20€ per transaction + 10€ every month (sponsored by Sandstorm)

  • All other costs (i.e. hosting, tax accounting, support) are sponsored by Sandstorm

What happens on year-end?

Our goal is to use the money we receive as quickly as possible for Neos. Money which is not spent during Sandstorm's fiscal year, will be spent in the next.

All profits made by Sandstorm are applicable to income tax which is approx. 40%.