Legal Information

1. Identity of the seller

Sandstorm Media GmbH
Tatzberg 47
01307 Dresden

Phone: +49 351 4189 649
Fax: +49 351 4189 3639

    2. Constitutive properties of the offered service

    The constitutive properties of the offered service can be taken from the respective product descriptions in the individual offers.

    3. Formation of the contract, details of the contract formation, options for correction

      (1) The description of the individual services in the online shop does not present a legally binding offer to form a contract from Sandstorm, but a non-binding online catalog which invites you to provide an offer (invitatio ad offerendum).

      (2) Order:

      (2.1) By clicking on the "Neos Longtime Supporter" Bronze, Silver or Gold areas on the homepage you can choose a support badge to order. A support badge is an image, which you can use for promotional purposes according to the badge license agreement. You are supporting the continued development of Neos when purchasing a support badge because all revenues will be used for the development of Neos (see The Funding Process and Funding FAQ). By clicking on a particular badge you get to its corresponding detail page. In "Step 1: your personal information" you have to select your country in the field "Country Code" at first and afterwards state whether you are performing the order as a consumer or as a company. For an order as a company you have to enter your individual value added tax identification number in the field "VAT ID". The system will automatically verify the validity of the entered value added tax ID number and will determine if VAT has to be applied in your particular case. To order as a consumer you have to click on the button "I do not have a VAT ID" on the right. In this case you have to pay the VAT applicable in your country of residence. After entering both aforementioned information you can enter your personal address information. You can enter the text to appear on your individual badge in the field "Badge Label". Please adhere to the acceptable badge labels policy. Please enter your name and address information into the field "First Name", "Last Name", "Emailaddress", "Street", "Postal Code" and "City". On the righthand side you can see your chosen badge (Bronze, Silver or Gold), the costs, the duration and the costs including - if applicable - VAT and the total price. By clicking the button "Proceed to payment information" you get to the payment process.

      On the page "Step 2: Secure payment information" you can enter your credit card information to pay with your credit card. You can directly enter your credit card number into the field "Card Number", its validity into the field "Expiration Date" and the CVV into the corresponding field. By clicking the "Go back" button you can return to step 1 to change your personal information. By clicking the button "Review and Finalize your Order" you get to the next step.

      In "Step 3: Confirm your Order" you can review your order and afterwards create a binding order. Your personal data consisting of „Label on the badge“, „Name“, „EMail“ and „Address“ are shown in the "Your invoice details" section. On the righthand side you can see your chosen badge (Bronze, Silver or Gold), the costs, duration and the costs including - if applicable - VAT and the total price. Before placing your order you have to confirm that you have read and agree to the badge license agreement by checking the checkbox. By clicking the "Go back" button you can return to step 2 to change your payment details. By clicking the Button "Order Neos Badge for (...) €" you place your binding offer and agree to the corresponding costs.

      (2.2) If you notice an error in your order after submitting your order (e.g. wrong quantity, address, etc.) please send an email to or contact us via phone and we will gladly perform the required correction for you.

      (2.3) After receiving your order Sandstorm is entitled to accept your offer within 7 days by sending a order- or delivery confirmation via email or by sending the actually ordered Neos support badge. After expiration of this time limit the offer is considered rejected and a purchase contract is not formed.

      (2.4) When your order is executed by Sandstorm you will receive an email with a summary of your order. Attached to that email are your invoice as well as the ordered support badge in two different designs.

      4. Availability and execution of the service

      (1) The service to be provided by Sandstorm consists of the provision and licensing of Neos support badges. The service is available unlimitedly and can be executed immediately after payment by providing a download-link or the image attached to the confirmation email.

      (2) The service is provided worldwide. There are no additional costs (e.g. shipment costs), except for the costs for the use of the telecommunication service of the buyer.

      5. Total price of the service

      The price displayed in the product description is net and does not include the applicable value added tax. In the checkout step the total price is displayed with separately shown value added tax as applicable to consumers and companies. The total price is generally depending on the type of badge ordered and is valid for an initial term of 3 months, i.e. in case of an automatic prolongation the total price will again become due for each prolongation term.

      6. Payment details

      Payment of the service is only possible via credit card.

      7. Warranty and guarantee

      Warranty is determined by the legal requirements. Sandstorm does not provide a guarantee beyond the legally required warranty.

      8. Customer service

      For all questions or issues related to the services provided by Sandstorm or related to your purchase in our online shop please get in contact with us. You can find the different options to reach us (phone, email, mail) in the imprint in the footer of our website.

      9. Storing of data

      The wording of the contract is saved in Sandstorm's computer system electronically and stored in accordance with the legal record retention policies beyond the completion of the contract. We will disclose your stored data upon your request at any time. You can find more detailed information in our data privacy policy linked in the footer of this website.

      10. Contract language

      The language available to form the contract is German. All English texts are provided for information purposes only.

      11. Contract duration and termination

        Please take the duration of the particular service from the product description. The Neos support badges each have an initial term of 3 months and end dependent on the type of badge ordered either a) without any notice at the end of the 3 months term or b) are extended automatically following the end of term for another 3 months term each . You can terminate your subscription at any point, e.g. by sending an email to

        12. Functionality

        By purchasing a Neos support badge you receive a license to use the badge for promotional purposes in the agreed timeframe (usually 3 months). You can download the image after payment via the download-link or as attachment from the confirmation email and e.g. show it on your website or use it for print advertisements; for all permitted uses please refer to the badge license agreement. The image is provided as a .png file. The Neos support badge is created personalized for you and contains a digital signature via which it can be matched to the individual buyer.